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Easy CPR Class​

 13793 Bazille Ct 
Moreno Valley, CA, 92555

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   Easy CPR Class in Moreno Valley in a Very Relaxed Setting. Includes Snacks and   Beverages

 Comfortable Seating 

Flexible Times

    Open 7 Days a Week !!!!  Make sure to check our dates and do not forget to register!!!

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The BLS Course helps 

Healthcare Professionals 

learn not only 1-man CPR, but

2-man CPR as well. Once BLS Certified, Healthcare Providers such as Nurses, LVNs, CNAs, Dentists, Doctors, EMT's, Firefighters, and Students will be able to recognize several life-threatening emergencies and perform CPR with clinical Knowledge. Come to our facility in Moreno Valley to take the provider BLS class.

This CPR course is for teachers, athletic coaches, police, lifeguards, volunteers, babysitters, Child day care workers, adult home employees, family members, and even friends! Participants will practice and become confident in performing CPR, Choking Relief, and using an AED for Adults, Children, and Infants.


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